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Virtual Gastric Band Testimonials
“I Lost 32 lbs. Without Dieting!”*

"I am so happy! Nothing else and no one else has been able to help me lose weight like Diane. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years. I am diabetic and also on high blood pressure medication. I never really exercised during the program but I listened to my Cd each day. I lost 10 lbs. during the first weeks of my program. I never felt like I was on a diet. It’s now 6 weeks since I completed the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program and I have lost a total of 32 lbs.! My doctor is thrilled and wanted to know how and why I finally lost weight. He had heard this program was effective and encouraged me to continue doing hypnosis. The doctor even reduced my medication. I have more energy than ever before. I’m happier and looking forward to even more health improvements and further weight loss. I recommend this program to everyone." - Ann S., Bedford, NY                                                                                                                                       *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

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“I Lost 11 lbs. the 1st Week!"*

"I had a very good 1st week…. My family couldn’t believe how I would just sit at a meal with my normal plate and just push my food away…. the program worked very well….. I lost 11 lbs. in one week…. I feel the band when I eat too much….. I’ve lost 16 lbs. in just 4 weeks and reduced my clothing size from a 16 to size 12!!    *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

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“I’ve Lost 30 lbs. & I’m Several Sizes Smaller!”

"This is one of the most significant programs I’ve done in my entire life. It has come at a time of transition. I’ve made much better choices on a conscious and unconscious level…. I’ve gained a confidence about myself and my life… more than I ever thought possible… Diane’s program integrates all aspects that make you succeed…. It changes your life and changes your thoughts and makes weight loss easy…. I’ve lost weight without dieting! My clothing size has reduced. I’m far less stressed and happier! I felt shockingly good and lost weight even with all the stress of moving and having had no electricity for weeks because of the hurricane! Emotional eating and late night snacking and urges are gone! Food cravings for pizza and fries disappeared. I’m exercising more and enjoying it. I naturally choose to eat smaller portions and I find that I also eat more consciously now. I’m actually full when I’m finished with my meal. I lost 18 lbs. during the weeks of the Virtual Gastric Program. I am now several sizes smaller and have lost 30 lbs. I highly recommend this program. I’ve recommended this to at least 5 friends."

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“I Lost 20 lbs. in 4 Weeks & Won’t Need Lap Band Surgery!”

"Before I came here I’ve struggled with my weight for years…. In the past I struggled to lose weight and couldn’t lose even 5 lbs. in a year! This was my last hope before surgery which I didn’t want to turn to…. Diane is a great person and bends over backwards to help you… she does everything possible to help you be successful. This program is amazing! I am very happy with Diane and her hypnosis program. Actually, I’m ecstatic! It works!! It’s easy and fun….. There is no diet and yet I lost 20 lbs. in just a few weeks. It’s unimaginable! I lost 12 lbs. in 2 weeks and then continued to lose weight easily each week. I’m happy making better choices and my eating is under control, even with pasta. My emotional eating is gone. I eat half of what I used to eat in the past. I’m more relaxed now, exercising more and enjoying eating out and still losing weight. I’m not even tempted by the foods others eat. I feel better, happier and more confident. Now I can fit into the clothes I want to wear and feel so comfortable in my body. Diane is a great person and she really cares….. If you are hesitant just call…. It will be best phone call you ever make!" -Judy C., Marlborough, CT 

“I lost 14 lbs. in 4 Weeks!”

"I’m amazed at how well this hypnosis program is working! My doctor is very happy too. I lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks and the weight continued to come off.  I went to lots of parties and dinners out and still lost 3-4 more lbs. My clothes fit fine now. I have no cravings for fast food or sweets. I actually forgot to eat Raisinettes, one of my favorites. My husband and even co-workers have been giving me compliments saying I looked great! I’m more relaxed, more confident, positive, exercising more and making better food choices. I lost 14 lbs. in 4 weeks without dieting. I am thrilled with the changes!" -Gina B., South Windsor, CT 

“Awesome! I Lost 7 lbs. the 1st Week! From Size 18 to 14!”

"This program is just awesome! The first week I lost 7 lbs. and 1 1/2” off my waist. Originally, my husband was receptive but doubtful about this weight loss program. Now he can’t believe the changes I’ve made. At our anniversary dinner I could only eat a small portion of food and I was full. The waitress thought there was something wrong with my meal. I eat a small amount of food and now I’m full. I no longer crave sweets or junk foods. I lost 14 lbs. and reduced my size from 18 to 14! I now make myself a priority. My bathing suit and shorts fit! I am thrilled." -Kim D., Litchfield, CT  

“Amazing! I’m Full with a Few Bites of Food!”

"I have control over food and food no longer has control over me! I’m very surprised at how quickly and easily my eating patterns changed. It was a little strange, actually, weird. There is no diet and no deprivation and yet I’m not craving those starchy or sweet foods I used to eat all the time. I actually feel uncomfortable eating pizza! Now I take a few bites of food and I’m full. I stopped the emotional eating during the day and evening. Now I’m making better choices and eating far less than ever before. I just don’t care about those fattening foods any more. Even my friends have noticed the differences. I love the easy and natural changes!"-Connie M., Stamford, CT  

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“I’m Eating Healthier, More Relaxed and Love the Changes!”

"I love the positive changes I have experienced so far. I’m much more relaxed now. Stress and pain had robbed me of my energy and sleep. Now I’m sleeping better, eating better and feeling healthier. I have no cravings for white flour or white sugar anymore! My appetite is so much less than it was before. I used to eat very quickly and now it takes 30 minutes for me to finish my meal which is a much smaller portion than ever. I’m able to exercise more and have less pain since using hypnosis. I eat naturally now and it’s not like being on a diet. I’m sure the changes will continue and I will be able to reach my goal weight. I recommend this program without a doubt! I’ve already told friends about it."-Peg I., Hamden, CT   

“I’m Eating Less & My Clothes Are Looser!”

"Since I’ve come to work with Diane I feel much better. I’m losing weight and my clothes are looser! I feel better about myself. I’m eating healthier and I exercise more… It’s not like being on a diet. I’m shocked to see that I’m leaving food on my plate! I eat better at social events automatically. I’m naturally making healthier choices and eating smaller portions. I listen to the Cd which is very relaxing and encourages you ….. This Hypnosis program changes your mind about food. The sweets cravings are gone. I’m healthier too. My blood pressure is lower and even my blood sugar is lower. I can see myself in the near future at my ideal size. I recommend this program!"-Ezira K., Stamford, CT 

“I Lost 9 lbs. + the First Week Without Dieting!”

"I feel like in the shortest possible amount of time my life has started again…. I am so excited about my life now … the life I’m going to move into… and my future slimmer body….  I feel well, excited and optimistic! The weight is literally falling off….. I would never believe anyone who said this could happen…. This is the easiest way to lose weight and become best possible version of myself….. I lost at least at least 9 lbs. the first week.  There are no food restrictions… I’m fully participating in life and still losing weight…. I ignored left over pizza in the refrigerator. It’s amazing! I feel stuffed with just a few bites of food. … I leave food on my plate and eat so slowly now… It’s all so automatic now…. I’m losing weight each week…. I’m thrilled! I love life!" -Nicole L., Darien, CT

“I’ve Stopped Dieting and I’m Losing Weight!”

"I came to be hypnotized to lose weight with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program…. I saw very positive changes … I have a lot more energy now… I drink much more water…. I feel good…. I feel healthy.. … the weight is coming off… I’m exercising more and my choices in food are better and my portions are under control… it doesn’t feel like a diet… It is well worth doing this program… I can see myself at my ideal weight!" -Barbara , Newtown, CT   

No More Junk Food! I’ve Lost 2 Sizes and 14 lbs.! Week Later, 28 lbs.!

"Before I came to see you I ate way too much junk food. There was junk food at work. If I was tired or stressed it was hard to resist. I was an emotional eater and not eating healthy food. Now I don’t want the junk food. It’s not even a thought now. Now everything is so much easier and my life is calmer and more peaceful. I’m feeling healthier and exercising more and the weight is coming off. I’ve lost 14 lbs. and down 2 dress sizes! Weeks later I lost more weight for a total of 28 lbs. I would recommend this program to anybody. You gave me a gift. I’m eating right and losing weight." -Jean  H., Danbury CT  

“I’ve Lost 11 lbs. and I’m a Full Size Smaller! Cravings are Gone!”

This program is amazing! I don’t crave any sweets, sugar or binge on any junk food any more. I’m very happy with the changes.  I’ve struggled with my weight for years. I’ve tried everything to lose weight in the past. I went to Weight Watchers and even weight loss clinics but I still had cravings. My life has been extremely stressful but I’ve been eating better food and eating 70% less. It was hard to exercise in the past but now I’m going to the gym or walking 4 miles a day! I feel happier and much more relaxed. I have reduced a full dress size and lost 11 lbs., all without dieting. I’m saving money because I’m not eating fast food any more. I just don’t crave those foods now. I feel in control and know I will be able to lose the weight and return to my ideal size.  I’m very happy and I definitely recommend Diane’s Virtual Gastric Band program!'' -Lou Ann T., Trumbull, CT 

I lost 21 lbs. in 4 weeks but Now I’m 35 lbs. Thinner!

"This program changed my life…. I’ve battled with my weight for years…I would eat healthy and then sabotage myself. This program helped me to change my eating habits forever and gave me the mental willpower to lose weight… It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done…. I’m not counting calories. I’m not weighing my food….. I eat what I want. I crave healthy food…. I’m not obsessed about food and can handle social events and celebrations. I’m so thrilled. I can go anywhere and eat healthfully. It’s helped me not only with eating habits but it helped about how I feel overall and how I feel about myself and my energy…. I’m feeling more positive. I’ve had so much lifted off me that was bringing me down. Diane spends a lot of time to personalize this program for your needs. I can’t enough about it. It’s just after the holidays and now I’m 35 lbs. thinner and wearing a size 12! Even my doctor was impressed with this program. I highly recommend this phenomenal, life changing process to anyone." -Christine H., Trumbull, CT  

I Stopped Craving Sweets & Lost 2+ Sizes without Dieting

"I’ve done Diane Bahr-Groth’s Virtual Gastric Band Program for weight loss. I have been up and down the scales my whole life but now it will be different thanks to Diane’s phenomenal hypnosis sessions. Since working with Diane and her CD’s not only have I lost weight, sizes and inches but I do not get sweets cravings any longer. I am more relaxed and I sleep better. Diane, you are amazing and you have such a kind and compassionate heart! It has been a pleasure working with you and I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone who wants to lose weight or has any other issue, problem or trauma they may need help with. THANK YOU, Diane!" -Gail M., Monroe, CT  

This Has Been Life Changing! I’ve Lost 11 lbs. & It was Easy!

"Amazing! I’m eating half of what I used to eat! It is just wonderful….. I’m at my 5thsession and I have no more cravings for sweets.  They are all gone. I’ve been seeing Diane for a just few weeks. This has been a life changing experience. I was an emotional eater. I would come home from work and eat my way through the cabinets. And now that’s pretty much gone. I’m just not obsessing with food. I actually threw away leftovers from a pizza party. I even stopped biting my nails. I’ve been exercising and joined a new gym. I’ve lost 11 lbs. and more than a dress size in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to continue on. I would highly recommend this program. It’s been easy and I haven’t had to fight anything. It’s been absolutely natural! I can absolutely see myself reaching my goal!" -Jenni C., NY   

I’m Losing Weight & Sizes Without Dieting!

"Mind Body Transformation is just what I was looking for! I found this weight loss program because I just wanted something to help me reprogram my thinking so I could be more conscious of my eating and behavior. I knew what to do but I was unable to control my eating. I found this program to be very effective. My thinking and my behavior changes have been effortless. I’m no longer focused on food. I listen to the cd twice per day. I feel more energized and I want to work out in the morning.  I’m eating less and losing weight and dress sizes. I pay attention to the tightness of the band and do not overeat. My cravings are gone. I feel happier and more relaxed. This hypnosis program doesn’t feel like a diet and I feel so much better. Now I am in control of my eating. I know I will reach my goal and return to my ideal weight and size." -Diane T., Killingworth, CT 

The Weight is Just Falling Off! I Lost 13 lbs. & 1 ½ Dress Sizes!

"This works! It’s amazing! The first week I lost 5 lbs. without dieting, which I’ve always struggled with in the past. In just a few weeks I lost 13 lbs. and am down 1 ½  dress sizes! I’m so happy. The weight is just falling off. All my insane cravings are gone and I’m shocked that I leave food on my plate now.  I had no control over my portions. I just don’t crave foods any more. The food obsession is gone. I can resist junk food at work and at home easily. My skin is clearer and my stomach is flat. I just eat well and enjoy healthier foods.  I drink plenty of water, sleep better and have more energy. I’m calmer and more reflective since beginning this program. I always exercised in the past but couldn’t lose weight. Now I can lose the weight and reach my goal. I highly recommend this program." -Carolyn C., South Windsor, CT  

We Are Feeling Successful, Healthier & 30 lbs. Lighter!

"After a recent knee surgery I was feeling depressed, not only from post-surgical pain, but more so from the sad state my entire body had "morphed" into over the past three years.  For several years my wife and I have made positive changes in our eating habits, cutting out processed foods and most carbs and we even has a semi-successful stint following weight watchers, but it was not sustainable and I found that I was trying to create the biggest meals for the lowest "points values." We were eating healthier but I was still gaining weight and due to back-to-back injuries my exercise routine was non-existent. I was on a slippery slope and dragging Wendy along for the ride. *Individual results may vary.

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Great Program! Lost 22 lbs in 4 Weeks & Now 50 lbs Lighter!

"This program has allowed me to lose 22 lbs. in the first four weeks. I was not sure that it would work for me. However, I find myself eating much smaller portions and not feeling hunger or cravings, especially at night. In addition I have also been able to now enjoy drinking my coffee black instead of with cream. I believe the CD really helps to reinforce the overall program. The best thing for me is that I can still eat all my favorite foods. I just smaller portions of everything. I enjoy drinking lots of water too. I’ve been going to parties and even brunch while losing weight. The weight loss has continued since my program ended and my doctor is very happy with the many improvements in my health. Thanks so much! I believe this has been a real life changer." -Paul T., Bethel, CT  

Relaxed and Losing Weight Naturally!

"I am still a little surprised that I found myself calling about Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. I knew that I would never even consider the real surgery, but I also knew I needed some help getting rid of the pounds that seemed to be packing on after menopause. I was always a serial dieter that could drop a few pounds when my clothes got tight, that is until a few years ago. Then I found myself dropping a few bucks buying bigger sizes as my clothes got tighter and tighter.

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