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The Body-Mind Connection


By Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFTdx

Traditional medicine is often quick to dismiss the suggestion of a connection between the body and the mind. However, neuroscientists working with psychologists and immunologists have created a new field of science called psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) which explores just such a link. They have discovered that emotions such as love, hate, happiness and fear directly influence the nervous and immune systems. PNI researchers have proven that just thinking vividly about an exciting event, dream or goal and imaging it as complete, with all its benefits, can cause the body to create chemicals and hormones. These chemicals such as peptides and endorphins which activate the immune system act to counter stress and seem to create new energy in the body. *individual results may vary

Other research in psychoneuroimmunology indicates that the brain actually produces chemicals that can either add to or block and drain energy and performance. Just as adrenaline gives us an instant boost of energy, so can endorphins and a multitude of other self-induced neuro chemicals effect our physical and emotional states. In addition, when under negative stress and tension, the brain signals the release of chemicals which block the immune system making the body more vulnerable to disease and unclear or negative thinking. Often when a person is over-stressed the immune system is so weakened that he or she may develop frequent colds, flu, backaches, headaches or pain. Perhaps many may suffer from even more debilitating illnesses such as ulcers, gastro-intestinal problems or even cancer if relief from stress, tension and emotions are not successfully achieved.

Scientific studies have shown that unreleased or internalized emotions, especially those such as fear, lack of self-esteem, abandonment, rejection and anger, can be held in specific areas of the cellular structure of the body. These areas or blockages are usually noticeably sensitive to the touch of a trained therapist. Unreleased emotions can often be the root cause of illness, depression and pain or "dis-ease" within the body. These feelings can be quickly and easily released through gentle therapeutic bodywork. Holistic techniques such as Neuro-Cellular and MariEl Therapies allow the individual to easily release negative emotions and physical pain. These therapies are also extremely successful with many victims of abuse and trauma who have emotions so repressed that often they have little or no memory of the events which have caused their physical or emotional pain.

Doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and the government have in the past overlooked most healing modalities cultivated outside the traditional medical field. There is an important need to place a greater emphasis on preventative medicine and by treating the mental and emotional needs of a patient as well as the physical. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine in January disclosed that one third of all Americans are disillusioned with modern medicine as it exists today. They are turning to alternative medical therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, therapeutic bodywork, hypnotherapy, massage, homeopathy and meditation. Patients spend over 14 billion dollars each year on holistic techniques which are not reimbursable by their health insurance. These same patients usually do not share this information with their physicians since up until recently many have refused to acknowledge the benefits of such therapies. However, The National Institutes of Health recently established an Office of Alternative Medicine to study the body-mind connection which will hopefully meld the scientific community and those of alternative health care to create a system which will be both efficient, humane and affordable.

Holistic health care, which is widely used throughout the world, is rapidly gaining the respect it deserves in America. Documentaries and books such as Bill Moyers' "Healing and the Mind" give great insight and knowledge to laymen and medical practitioners alike.

John Naisbitt, author of his l981 best seller "Megatrends" stated "the new holistic approach to health has opened a new area in the search for health and wellness: the human mind. At the radical end of the spectrum is the belief that there is no disease that cannot be cured through the powers of the mind and a positive attitude," wrote Naisbitt. "But even traditional medicine has acknowledged the mind has a role in the prevention and healing of disease".

Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFTdx, is the Director of Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis Center. She specializes in fast and effective methods for weight loss, healthy eating, stress, fear and pain reduction, smoking cessation, success, motivation, sports performance as well as fear and phobia elimination for public speaking and other issues. She is a Certified Hypnotist and Certified in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program™, Thought Field Therapy™, Time Line Therapy™, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Complementary Medical Hypnosis. HypnoBirthing™, Touch for Health (Systematic Applied Kinesiology) and Healing From The Body Level Up I, II and III. She is a Reiki Master, and MariEl Practitioner. Diane was among the first professionals to study with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Roger Callahan, and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. Established in Fairfield County since 1989, her office is located at 1177 High Ridge Road in Stamford, CT, where she introduced the first Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss procedure in the region. She is one of just a few American hypnotists trained by United Kingdom Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger in this new procedure. The technique was recently featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS TV News as well as in newspapers here and abroad. Considered a healthy and natural alternative to weight loss surgery, Sheila’s program has a 95% success rate. Diane has presented many lectures, workshops and training programs including teaching Thought Field Therapy Levels I & II, various meditation and stress reduction methods, as well as assisting clients in effective life changing methods and programs. Call (203) 595-0110 for an appointment.





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