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Learning Disability & Lack of Confidence

"As long as I can remember I’ve had a feeling of unsettledness and, at times, a detached feeling from myself. When I started Elementary school I was diagnosed with a learning disability, a label I carried with me through High School, College and beyond. Those negative feelings became stronger and held me back preventing me from living my life in a more authentic way. I began the search to understand those feeling and took the route of traditional psychologists every week with three therapists for 7 years, with no change.  A friend gave me a book, Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss about a patient, Catherine, who realized her past lives were connected to fears and phobias experienced in her present life. I immediately knew that I was carrying issues from past lives. I looked for a therapist and finally found Mind Body Transformation Hypnosis in Stamford. 

In my first session Diane did Applied Kinesiology and discovered a past life in which I was crippled, helpless, sitting in a chair and didn’t have the ability to learn. My family had to do everything to take care of me and in many ways it mirrored my life at that time. During that session I immediately felt separated from those old feelings and said aloud “I don’t have a learning disability”. A weight had been lifted.  During our sessions different past lives were also attached to those old feelings and usually related to a disability or trauma. As I experienced each past life I enjoyed being able to see images of where I lived, my surroundings or what I looked like. As we cleared the past lives my confidence grew. I began to think about what I wanted in my life because I was now present and focused. I was finally comfortable living in my body. I had new feelings of optimism and a strong belief that anything was possible. I became a massage therapist, attended a school of nutrition and finally to the study of Ayurvedic lifestyle and bodywork. Interestingly, after I began studying Ayurveda we discovered I had been an Ayurvedic doctor in a past life! I feel I’ve come full circle. It was a long journey but I’m grateful that I was determined to find a way to heal the past and feel happier. I’m also grateful for finding Diane at Mind Body Transformation." -Helen K., Westport, CT 



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