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Mind Body Transformation Traditional Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

Mind Body Transformation’s Advanced Hypnosis for Weight Loss

24+ Years of Hypnosis Experience

Our Traditional Hypnosis Program Has Helped Your Friends and Neighbors Lose Weight!

The Easy, Relaxing & Successful Solution to

Lose Weight Without Deprivation!

Hypnosis Works!

No Dieting! No Pills!  No Special Foods! No Weighing or Measuring!

  • Do You Feel Out Of Control?
  • Are You an Emotional Eater?
  • Do You Eat When You’re Not Hungry?
  • Unhappy with Your Reflection in the Mirror?
  • Are You Tired of Struggling with Your Weight?
  • Unable to End the Sabotaging Behavior Stopping You from Losing Weight?

Learn the Secret to Unlock Your Success!


Discover Our New & Powerful State of the Art Techniques for Weight Loss Success

Learn More About Mind-Body Transformation’s New Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program

Mind-Body Transformation’s advanced Hypnosis processes can provide unique and revolutionary methods to create new and healthy behaviors that can help you lose weight naturally, without dieting or deprivation.

The subconscious mind is like a computer and, unfortunately, it may be running old or defective programs!

Like most people, you probably know what to do to lose the weight. You may have the best of intentions to really begin that “diet” on Monday! We all know diets don’t work!!!

You know the right foods to eat…but something usually stops you from following through with the plan.…

Motivation & Willpower Suddenly Disappear!

It's like having a good angel and bad angel on your shoulder and the bad angel is winning!


Many of us have developed unhealthy relationships with food over the years. We eat when we’re unhappy, angry, sad, lonely, stressed and even when we are happy. We have developed the habit of overeating and using food to satisfy emotional issues we may often confuse with our appetite. This habit can gain strength and power over the years to become an automatic response the subconscious uses to address any stressful situation or event. 

We may find ourselves overeating to satisfy our emotional “hunger” to feel better. We’ve learned to use food as a drug to modify our feelings and emotions. Consciously we try over and over again to stop that sabotaging behavior but fail miserably blaming ourselves for our lack of ability and willpower. We diet and deprive ourselves and become more and more unhappy. Many people “diet” themselves to weigh over 300 lbs. It’s not your fault. Studies have shown that the sub-conscious mind manages over 90% of our behaviors. It doesn’t even make sense that we can change something on a conscious level when the subconscious is in charge! It’s obvious that simply using willpower and motivation is just not enough. Therefore, if you want to change a habit or modify behavior Hypnosis may naturally help you to create the changes you desire.

Hypnosis helps to free you of the response and issues which created the subconscious habit of using food as an emotional crutch. Mind-Body Transformation’s Hypnosis program can give you the ability to be free from the old, unwanted behavior and empower you to make the positive changes to lose the weight naturally.

Mind Body Transformation Hypnosis can help you regain your willpower to eat consciously and healthfully so you can finally lose weight….without deprivation!

Mind-Body Transformation’s Proven Successful Hypnosis Weight Loss Programs Can Help!

Mind Body Transformation’s professional Advanced Hypnosis sessions are specially designed to help you think and act like a naturally slim person!

We have two excellent weight loss Hypnosis programs for you. You can decide which one is best for you.

Mind Body Transformation’s Traditional Hypnosis Program

Our very successful traditional Hypnosis program has been used by your friends and neighbors over the last 24+years.

With our traditional Hypnosis program each of your hypnosis sessions is recorded for you to use at home between appointments to support your particular weight loss goals. The number of sessions needed is dependent upon the amount of weight you would like to lose. We suggest a second appointment within a week or 10 days of your first scheduled hypnosis session.  Most people begin to notice positive changes at their very first session. Subsequent sessions may be scheduled every 3-4 weeks until client is close to their goal weight. A new Hypnosis session will recorded for you each time we meet.

We also work with Thought Field Therapy and Applied Kinesiology to clear issues and blockages that may be preventing you from losing weight prior to recording your Hypnosis session. Most people are Psychologically Reversed about losing weight. I will test and clear PR for you by the time you leave the office.  I will also teach you a technique to reduce fear/anxiety/stress and even an addictive urge in less than one minute.  I'm sure you will begin to feel more relaxed very quickly.  Most of my clients feel totally empowered and ready to lose weight before they leave my office.

The fee for your Hypnosis session is paid at each individual session. Weight loss varies with each client and is dependent on many things such as activity level and eating choices.  As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary, results may vary as well.

Mind Body Transformation’s Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program

Mind Body Transformation’s new Virtual Gastric Band HypnosisTM weight loss program is an amazing process that helps people make better food choices, lose weight and put food in the proper perspective. This new procedure is a healthy and natural alternative to weight loss surgery. It replicates the natural response of surgery without going under the knife. Your subconscious mind will receive suggestions that your stomach is the size of a golf ball while also encouraging healthy eating and exercise for weight loss during 5 hypnosis sessions. Our program helps to create natural and positive changes for healthy eating, exercise and weight loss. Most people begin to feel better, more positive and empowered to lose weight at their very first session.

Diane also utilizes very powerful Mind Body techniques, Thought Field Therapy and Applied Kinesiology, as well as Hypnosis during your sessions. The use of these tools evaluates progress and diminishes self-sabotage while creating greater effectiveness and faster results.

Mind Body Transformation’s success rate for this unique weight loss program is remarkably high for those who participate in the program as it was designed.  Client weight loss varies from person to person based on many factors including their activity levels and motivation but most experience profound changes in eating habits and food choices as they begin to lose dress or clothing sizes and weight... some of our clients have lost more than 26+ lbs. by the time they experienced their final hypnosis session. In the clinical trials with York Medical Scholl and Hull University in UK the average weight loss was 7 lbs. the first week and 2 -3 lbs. weekly without dieting. Some of my clients have lost 6, 9 and up to 11 lbs. in one week. Weight loss can be dependent on many factors including food choices and activity levels. As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary, results may vary as well. (click here for the Virtual Gastric Band Program)

More About Your Hypnosis Weight Loss Experience

You will enjoy your personalized Hypnosis experience as you relax in a large, comfortable, leather recliner. Your Hypnosis session will include specific powerful suggestions for your particular issues and goals. Your Hypnosis sessions are professionally recorded on CD for use at home to support the positive changes you desire.

Your Hypnosis session will be optimized by our special Double Voice Process, NLP techniques, Time Line Therapy, Binaural Sound, beautiful music with brain entrainment and the relaxing sounds of the ocean. No other Hypnosis program provides the experience, distinction or power of our integrative life changing techniques. This powerful combination of experience and technique provides a unique opportunity for change!  As with all personal changes and goals, as individuals vary, results may vary as well.


Learn the Secret to Unlock Your Success
• Enjoy Life More • Feel More Positive
• Have More Energy • Develop Willpower
• Increase Motivation • Alleviate Self-Sabotage
• Create Positive Changes • Increase Self-Esteem
• Increase Self-Confidence • Create New Behaviors
Achieve and Maintain Your Weight Loss Goals For Life!
Change Your Mind • Change Your Body • Change Your Life

Hypnosis is the Proven & Effective Method for Weight Loss


You’ve Seen the Proof!

Dateline NBC: Ultimate Diet ChallengeOprah!TimeCBS

Psychology TodayNewsWeek Business WeekDiscover

Learn More About Mind-Body Transformation’s New Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program

Hypnosis Weight Loss Testimonials
I Lost 65 Lbs. & with Diane’s Help I Will Reach My Weight Loss Goal!

"I have known Diane Bahr- Groth for over two years as my Therapist and Health Professional- Radio Contributor to Lifechanges with Mariette on WICC600 AM in Connecticut, Long Island and New York. 

Continued »
I Lost 22 lbs. and I’m 2 Sizes Smaller!

"I began working with Diane and Hypnosis and lost a total of 22 pounds (2 sizes smaller). I never gained weight when I went on a weeklong cruise in nor did I gain weight over Thanksgiving or Christmas, which was a first for me.

Continued »

"Hypnosis has helped me lose weight, reduced my anxiety and the emotional eating while keeping my appetite under control! The changes were immediate. 

Diane has transformed my life!" -Silvana C, Portchester,  NY  

I Lost 85 lbs.! Hypnosis Gave Me Back My Life!

"I weighed 287 pounds.  I was sad, depressed and everything was difficult for me. I was a chronic Weight Watchers failure for years.  Hypnosis changed my attitude. I no longer felt trapped in my body. Hypnosis increased my self-confidence and gave me my life back.  I encourage everyone to try it." -Jenn K., Milford, CT 

I lost 60 lbs and Kept It Off!

"Hypnosis changed my life. I love exercising now and eat healthy foods. Hypnosis made it easy and effortless. I feel and look better than I have in years!" -Carol G.  

I Lost 41 lbs. In 6 Months Hypnosis Made It Effortless

"A positive change in mind and body…. I have been through several weight loss programs in  in the past. Hypnosis made it effortless. I receive added benefits of reduced stress and a better night’s sleep."-David P.

I Lost 38 lbs. My Smile Is Back!

"I’ve finally made peace with food thanks to hypnosis! My body and life were transformed with Hypnosis!  I've been dieting since age 10.  With Hypnosis I know I am in charge!  What a really positive life altering experience." -Vicky B. 

I Lost 32 lbs.

"Hypnosis made it effortless!  I’ve tried many other programs but hypnosis helped me to lose weight and keep it off!" -Joanne Z. 

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