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Advanced Hypnosis Self-Improvement Series Can Help You Regain Your Joy of Life!

The Natural, Safe, Enjoyable and Easy Solution to Help Change Your Life!

Learn Self-Hypnosis with our Relaxing CD’s & MP3’s

#1 Proven Effective Method for Personal Improvement

The Natural, Safe, Enjoyable & Easy Solution to Change Your Life!

The Same Powerful Hypnosis Programs Experienced in our Hypnosis Center


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The wonderful relaxation and visualizations of our Hypnosis programs can empower you to transform your mind and body and make the personal changes you want to experience.  Learn how to develop the natural ability to feel better, happier, to sleep better, be healthier and create healthy new responses, habits and behaviors, naturally. Lose weight without deprivation and stop smoking without withdrawal.

 Experience Hypnosis with Our Life Changing Self-Hypnosis CD’s and MP3’s

Enjoy your Hypnosis experience as you relax in privacy of your own home. Your Hypnosis process will include specific powerful suggestions for your particular needs and goals. Our Hypnosis sessions are professionally recorded on CD or MP3 for use at home to support the positive changes you want. Our Hypnosis programs also include a bonus track of the amazing experience of Thought Field Therapy for almost instantaneous stress reduction.

Our Hypnosis programs vary and may be optimized with our special Layered Double Voice Process, NLP techniques, Time Line Therapy, Binaural Beats, beautiful, hypnotic music and the relaxing sounds of the ocean. No other Hypnosis program provides the experience, distinction or power of our integrative life changing techniques. This powerful combination of years of success, experience and technique provides a unique opportunity for change!

Our Hypnosis CD’s and MP3’s are not meant to be a replacement for regular medical treatment.  As with any new dietary or exercise regimen it’s always best to consult your doctor before beginning a new healthy exercise or weight loss program.

CD and MP3 Testimonials
Diane’s Hypnosis Weight Loss System Works! - I’ve Lost 91 lbs. – I Used Hypnosis and Stopped Dieting!

"I’m thankful to have found Diane’s Weight Loss System and listen to her Hypnosis sessions almost every day. I’m 91 pounds down and within 15 pounds of my goal weight.  The last time I was able to do this was 39 years ago when I was 18 (with a much younger metabolism).  I was a binger but now I am no longer driven to binge eat.  I have dieted unsuccessfully for 35 years. Diet’s ended and the weight always came back because I didn’t learn to modify my eating habits.  Diane’s Hypnosis System helped me to be able to eat anything within a portion size while keeping in mind the total caloric range for each day. Patience, persistence, and motivation are of the upmost importance in the process and I believe Diane words supply a person with these tools for weight loss success.

I am now pushing the big 60 and I knew if I didn’t find a way to lose the weight and keep it off, I’d be looking at multiple health issues and most likely a shorter life span.  Now I am on my exercise bike a minimum of 6 days out of 7 and for at least 45 minutes per session. Hypnosis helped me to be able to eat healthfully and exercise regularly. From day one of listening to the hypnosis cd’s my eating patterns have conformed to a healthier manner and in a way that I can eat forever. I now eat the way normal, healthy, people eat.  After all the years of struggling Diane’s Weight Loss System has finally worked for me.

I cannot give Diane enough credit for the help she gave me and continues to give me daily.  Even after I complete the weight loss phase I will continue to exercise and listen to Diane’s Hypnosis sessions."

-Colleen, P., CA

I lost 16 lbs. and Finally Visualize Myself Thin!

"The 7 Session Hypnosis Weight Loss System has worked wonders for me. I started them back at the end of May and have now been through them all and am repeating as I need a little boost and I just love them. They are worth their weight in gold for all they can do for you. I have seen, not only, a change in my eating habits, but also in many different aspects of my life, attitude, exercise, etc, and in weight loss.

I have been on a sensible eating and exercise plan for several years and have lost weight, but have never been able to get beyond a certain point until now. I no longer eat my way through my lunch bag. I actually bring food back home. I no longer feel like I need to eat everything in sight and my trigger foods don’t need to be hidden away anymore. I finally have other ways to “fill” myself. I can finally visualize myself thin. This is something I have never been able to do before.

Diane’s wonderful weight loss hypnosis series has helped me get through to myself! Since May I have lost a total of 16 pounds and counting. Thank you, Diane, for your wonderful series and for the little extra boost that I needed." 

-Susan F.

Grace and Artistry - Personalized Hypnosis CD - Sleeping, Exercise, Health & Learning Improvements ASAP!!

"It’s been several days since I received my program from you and interesting changes have already started to happen for me. I’m sleeping right through the night and my workouts have become effortlessly intensified. This is a big change for me and I’m very pleased.

I would like to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your programs and why. I am listening to a home study course in preparation for a week long training. One of the cds is intended to facilitate the retention of all the material. I have listened to this dreary program about a dozen times. To compare that induction cd with what you have given me is like comparing a tract house in the suburbs to a castle overlooking a lush, green valley with little pathways, brooks and ponds and wild horses grazing in meadows. The world I go to when I listen to your program is rich, detailed, expansive, inviting and safe but also exciting, surprising, nurturing and serene.

 I have played with sound all my life and I’ve been a wholesale music distributor for 30 years. I have to review CD’s all the time. So I’ve trained my eyes and ears to pick up tiny glitches. Well, for the life of me I never hear you miss a beat or flub a word or even take a breath!

Well, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear someone with such grace and artistry. The cadence of your voice has become like a wave of security and guidance that takes me to a place so relaxing that I actually fall asleep with the headphones on! This is something that has never happened to me before! The multi-tracking technique is perfect for someone like me because it keeps my ears and mind so occupied and overwhelmed with stimulating messages that I don’t have any room for self-talk. I admit at the beginning I was fascinated with the technical aspects of it. (Is she reading from a screen or paper? This can’t possibly be spontaneous!) But by the time I finish listening to a session, I have a blank space where the ceaseless inner chattering usually resides and I feel unburdened and carefree.

The program has become a delicious feast for my ears, my spirit and even my heart. It’s like being in a lucid dream. I’m aware, but I’m never sure of what might be around the corner. When you used my name the second time it was the oddest sensation. It worked well for me because it reminded me that you were still talking directly to me. And because you spoke to me in the particular way that you did, I believed every word you said." 

Stop Smoking Now CD’s!

"Your Stop Smoking Now program had lots of messages about health that I liked very much. My mind expanded into a rich environment and everything you said was accepted without question.  

How wonderful to have a such a sure footed guide, a pro who can gently turn me in the right direction on my new path, instilling in me the assurance that my fears are just wisps of energy that will dissipate into the atmosphere with ease and delight. Someone I trust enough to allow into my subconscious (not an easy thing for me) and encourage me to be the magical person that I am. To remind me of my inner strengths and gifts that lie dormant just waiting to be expressed in a totally new way….In a satisfying way.

 I think you’re brilliant and I am so inspired by your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your suggestions and for encouraging me along this new and wonderful path. I know everything you say is sinking in and I’m very excited about my future!"               

-Claudia R., Dexter, OR

I lost 15 lbs in 14 days!

"I received the Cd on 9/16 and as of today, 9/30, I have lost 15 lbs!!! 

My goal was to lose 90 lbs., at this rate I will hit it before Christmas!! Thanks for the inspiration." -Dee W., AZ 

I lost 9 lbs in 2 Weeks!

"These CD's are really helping me. They are a wonderful tool.  I have been eating much healthier and drinking a lot more water.   Besides that, listening to the CD's is SO relaxing. Your whole body goes into a complete state of relaxation.  I highly recommend these CD's to help you reach your weight loss goals! Thanks so much Diane!" 

-Robyn B. 

My Sugar Addiction Dissolved & Insomnia Disappeared

"I received your amazing CD 28 days ago! I love it! It has worked a like a gem and my sugar addiction has dissolved into the occasional treat on the weekend and that's all!  Your CD has really helped me.  I sleep easily and peacefully now.  Thank you again so very much!" -Sheree S. 

Your Hypnosis CD Made it Easy for Me to Stop Drinking!

"This is the most gentle and effective way to stop drinking. Rather than "cold turkey" you gently find alcohol tasting worse, and when you drink, you drink less and less, and start much later each time. I've tried just about every other way to stop drinking. None, except this method, work for me. This method, for stopping drinking will make obsolete drugs, shrinks, and even AA.  It is 100% effective, and very easy and gentle. 

If you're like me, drinking has been a major part of your life, for a long time. I NEVER was able to be hypnotized by anyone else, but this CD works! I promise you, this will work for you!! I cannot explain WHY this method works, BUT it sure does!!  Please give it a try. You won't be disappointed! I have had no success with other NLP products. BUT this CD for stopping drinking did the trick for me! It WILL work for you! 

WHY wasn't this method invented YEARS ago??? It is so gentle, effective, and easy. AND IT WORKS!!! 

The number of marriages, and lives you will save with only this CD series, is impressive! I expect the birth-rate in the US to double within the next year!!" -Vic C.  

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