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Smoking Cessation

Many clients qualify for our 1 x Smoking Cessation session. This highly successful Hypnosis session will be personalized for your particular needs and recorded on CD or as an MP3.  You will also experience Thought Field Therapy to diminish any stress or emotional issue that may be preventing you from stopping smoking. Diane will also teach you a powerful craving elimination and stress reduction technique to help you have the ability to remain a non-smoker. Of course, as with all personal changes and goals, as individuals vary results may vary as well.

Power of the Mind Smoking Cessation Program

Hypnosis May Be Your Successful Method to Quit Smoking!

Mind Body Transformation’s Advanced Hypnosis Techniques May Help You Quit Smoking Without Withdrawal, Often, in Just One Session!

Hypnosis is an Easy, Relaxing & Natural Solution to Help You Stop Smoking

 Hypnosis Works!


  • Natural!
  • Enjoyable!
  • Empowering!
  • Relaxing!
  • Save Money!
  • Feel Healthier!
  • Feel Happier!
  • Have More Energy!

Discover Our New & Powerful State of the Art Techniques to Help You Quit Smoking 
Learn the Secret to Unlock Your Success!

Mind-Body Transformation’s Advanced Hypnosis program provides a unique and revolutionary methods to create new and healthy behaviors that can help you stop smoking naturally, without stress, withdrawal or deprivation.

We’ve helped many of your friends and neighbors change unwanted habits and behaviors in the last 24+ years. Now you may be able to make the positive changes you want with our very successful Smoking Cessation program.  Our success rate is remarkably high for those who want to stop smoking… over 95%....most clients are shocked to realize that it can be so easy and relaxing to stop smoking using our Hypnosis program!

The subconscious mind is like a computer and, unfortunately, it may be running old or defective programs!

Like most people, you probably know what to do but are unable to stop smoking on your own. You may have the best of intentions to really stop smoking on Monday… on your birthday… for your New Year’s resolution …or for the birth of your child!  Does that sound familiar?

You know the right thing to do…but something usually stops you from following through with the plan.…

Motivation & Willpower Suddenly Disappear!

It's like having a good angel and bad angel on your shoulder and the bad angel is winning! 

  • Do You Feel Out Of Control?
  • Are You Unable To Quit the Habit?
  • Are You Afraid of Withdrawal Symptoms?
  • Do You Feel Guilty or Embarrassed by Your Behavior and Habit?
  • Is Your Money Going Up in Smoke?
  • Is Your Health a Concern?
  • Are You Self-Conscious about the Smell of Tobacco on Your Breath and Clothing?

Mind Body Transformation Advanced Hypnosis

Mind Body Transformation Advanced Hypnosis may help you make the positive changes you want and help create new and healthy behaviors, naturally.

Many people have developed unhealthy habits over the years. You may have begun the habit of smoking to deal with or avoid emotional issues, to reduce stress or even to just fit in with your peers. This habit gains strength and power over the years and become an automatic response, an addiction the subconscious uses to address any situation or event whether celebratory or stressful. 

You may have learned to use tobacco, nicotine or just the habit of smoking to modify feelings and emotions. Consciously we try over and over again to stop that sabotaging behavior but fail miserably blaming ourselves for our lack of ability and willpower. It’s not your fault. Your sub-conscious mind is in control of the self-sabotaging behavior, the habit, you are trying to change consciously.  Studies have shown that the sub-conscious mind manages over 90% of our behaviors. It doesn’t even make sense that we can change something on a conscious level when the subconscious is in charge! It’s obvious that simply using willpower and motivation is just not enough. Therefore, if you want to change a habit or modify behavior it may be naturally changed by using Hypnosis.

Hypnosis helps to free you of the habit, the response and issues which created the subconscious habit of using cigarettes as an emotional or even physical crutch. Mind-Body Transformation’s Hypnosis program may help you to develop the ability to be free from the old, unwanted behavior and empower you to make the positive changes to help you stop smoking naturally.

Mind Body Transformation Hypnosis may help you regain your willpower to quit smoking naturally so you can finally be a non-smoker….without withdrawal!

Our very successful Hypnosis programs have been used with thousands of your friends and neighbors over the last 24+ years. Now it’s your turn but it’s your decision. If you want to continue struggling unsuccessfully with your smoking habit you will probably fail again and again. However, if you are ready to finally be free of your smoking habit and quit smoking in as little as one session, call today.

Your Hypnosis session will be recorded for you to use at home to support your stop smoking goal. Most people begin to experience the positive changes to think of themselves as a non-smoker before they leave my office at their first session.

We also work with Thought Field Therapy for stress reduction and Applied Kinesiology to clear issues and emotional blockages that may be preventing you from being a non-smoker. Most people are Psychologically Reversed about stopping smoking. I will test and clear the PR for you by the time you leave the office.  I will also teach you an amazing technique to reduce fear/anxiety/stress and even an addictive urge very quickly.  I'm sure you will begin to feel more relaxed very quickly.  Most of my clients feel totally empowered and feel neutral about cigarettes, like a non-smoker, before they leave my office.

The fee for your Hypnosis session is far less than the cost of a few weeks of cigarettes and may save your health, your happiness and perhaps even your life. I’m not sure what the value of your health and your future is to you but just think of your loved ones and the emotional and financial cost they will pay if you don’t stop smoking soon. You are well worth the investment in your future to live a long and healthy life and to be here for those who need and love you. 

Call 203 595-0110 or email now to make your appointment to quit smoking today!


Smoking Cessation Testimonials
Quitting Never Worked For Me Before

"I started smoking at age 14 because my friends and older kids smoked, so I thought it was “cool.” I smoked for 45 years—a pack and a half a day.

I tried to quit many times—sometimes for an afternoon, once for 6 months and once for over a year. When I quit for the long periods, I had no desire for a cigarette but my mood was bad. I was impatient and had very low tolerance for other people.

Continued »
I Quit Smoking!

"Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis helped me quit smoking! It’s worked wonderfully. I have been smoke free since July 26 2004. I would absolutely recommend it for anyone who is willing to try it. It was the most wonderful thing I ever did. I feel terrific. Even my migraines disappeared! Thank You." -Lynn, CT 

Hypnosis Made It Easy & Simple To Stop Smoking!

"My life has always been stressful.  I have tried to stop smoking on and off for a long, long time. I’ve been smoking for about ten years and I used Mind-Body Transformation’s hypnosis program because I wanted to stop completely. Hypnosis was wonderful. It was easy and simple. I did it on my own. No patches. No pills. I just did it naturally at my own pace. I would recommend hypnosis for anyone and everyone. It’s wonderful." -Zoie, CT 

Quiting Smoking Was Easy With Hypnosis!

"I wanted to use hypnosis to stop smoking and used Mind Body Transformation’s program. I was a casual smoker for many years but, none the less, it was very hard for me to really quit for good. There was always something that would trigger me to smoke like stress or even being in Europe where everyone smokes.  Hypnosis made it easy to be a non-smoker. It was a good experience to become smoke free with hypnosis!"-Linda, CT 

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