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Hypnosis Testimonials
Increased Joy in Life!

"Diane is an incredible Hypnotherapist and Thought Field Therapy practitioner.  Her brilliance, intuitive ability, and compassionate nature have assisted me in my healing.  I am experiencing increased joy in life and improved relationships thanks to Diane." 

-Julie Saffir, Marriage and Family Therapist

*As individuals vary results may vary as well

Melodic, Soothing & Relaxing

"I use Diane's self-hypnosis CD just about daily and I absolutely love it!  Diane's voice is so melodic and soothing that it brings me into a very deep state of relaxation within minutes. Her gentle suggestions lead me to easily release tension from my body and mind and open up to a higher state of being.  It leaves me feeling wonderfully renewed and refreshed for the rest of the day.  I highly recommend Diane and her work!"

-Janet Esposito, Psychotherapist

*As individuals vary results may vary as well

Thought Field Testimonials
No More Fear!

"Yes, Thought Field Therapy has been the most incredible experience. I did two sessions, almost 3 hours each, with Diane and she is remarkable. It changed my life. We got to the roots of my claustrophobia and my anxieties and I feel like a totally different person, which opened me up and made me ready to be able to really commit to the weight loss program for the first time. I’ve been on so many different programs all my life. I feel that Diane is an incredible person and that the whole program changed my life. 

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Obsessive Negative Thoughts and Trauma Gone in One Session!

"I found myself unable to let go of a very bad work situation. I kept replaying it in my head and was not able to move forward.  I read an article by Diane and decided to call. Her confidence that she could help me is what made me decide to try Thought Field Therapy.  I went in a bit skeptical but still trusting in Diane’s words that she can help me.  I have to say that I left her office very happy, with a new outlook and began to feel like the person I had been before this situation.  She has renewed my hope and I am able to explore new positions with the confidence that I had before.  I feel like myself again." -A.L. G., Rye, New York 

My Life Has Changed!!!

"Dear Diane: 

I am very grateful that the universe putted you on my path at the right moment, just like magic! With the thought field therapy I did with you I was able to remove a huge block in my life that was so powerful it was holding me back basically from living my life. I had sabotaged myself for a major portion of my life without even knowing it. I was truly desperate for change. 

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"For years I have suffered from severe stress and anxiety!  Diane has helped me tremendously. Thought Field Therapy and Hypnosis give me instant relief!

Diane has also helped me manage my chronic TMJ problem!  I experience pain relief instantly every time!" -Silvana C, Portchester,  NY  

Traditional Hypnosis Weight Loss Testimonials
I Lost 65 Lbs. & with Diane’s Help I Will Reach My Weight Loss Goal!*

"I have known Diane Bahr- Groth for over two years as my Therapist and Health Professional- Radio Contributor to Lifechanges with Mariette on WICC600 AM in Connecticut, Long Island and New York.

*As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well  

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I Lost 22 lbs. and I’m 2 Sizes Smaller!*

"I began working with Diane and Hypnosis and lost a total of 22 pounds (2 sizes smaller). I never gained weight when I went on a weeklong cruise in nor did I gain weight over Thanksgiving or Christmas, which was a first for me.                                                                   *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

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"Hypnosis has helped me lose weight, reduced my anxiety and the emotional eating while keeping my appetite under control! The changes were immediate. Diane has transformed my life!" -Silvana C, Portchester,  NY                                                                                         *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

I Lost 85 lbs.! Hypnosis Gave Me Back My Life!*
"I weighed 287 pounds.  I was sad, depressed and everything was difficult for me. I was a chronic Weight Watchers failure for years.  Hypnosis changed my attitude. I no longer felt trapped in my body. Hypnosis increased my self-confidence and gave me my life back.  I encourage everyone to try it." -Jenn K., Milford, CT                                                                                                                                         *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well
I lost 60 lbs and Kept It Off!*

"Hypnosis changed my life. I love exercising now and eat healthy foods. Hypnosis made it easy and effortless. I feel and look better than I have in years!" -Carol G.                                                                                                                                                                                                         *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well 

I Lost 41 lbs. In 6 Months Hypnosis Made It Effortless*

"A positive change in mind and body…. I have been through several weight loss programs in  in the past. Hypnosis made it effortless. I receive added benefits of reduced stress and a better night’s sleep."-David P.                                                                                                            *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

I Lost 38 lbs. My Smile Is Back!*

"I’ve finally made peace with food thanks to hypnosis! My body and life were transformed with Hypnosis!  I've been dieting since age 10.  With Hypnosis I know I am in charge!  What a really positive life altering experience." -Vicky B.                                                                              *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

I Lost 32 lbs!*

"Hypnosis made it effortless!  I’ve tried many other programs but hypnosis helped me to lose weight and keep it off!" -Joanne Z.                 *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

Virtual Gastric Band Testimonials
“I Lost 32 lbs. Without Dieting!”*

"I am so happy! Nothing else and no one else has been able to help me lose weight like Diane. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years. I am diabetic and also on high blood pressure medication. I never really exercised during the program but I listened to my Cd each day. I lost 10 lbs. during the first weeks of my program. I never felt like I was on a diet. It’s now 6 weeks since I completed the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program and I have lost a total of 32 lbs.! My doctor is thrilled and wanted to know how and why I finally lost weight. He had heard this program was effective and encouraged me to continue doing hypnosis. The doctor even reduced my medication. I have more energy than ever before. I’m happier and looking forward to even more health improvements and further weight loss. I recommend this program to everyone." - Ann S., Bedford, NY                                                                                                                                       *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

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“I Lost 11 lbs. the 1st Week!"*

"I had a very good 1st week…. My family couldn’t believe how I would just sit at a meal with my normal plate and just push my food away…. the program worked very well….. I lost 11 lbs. in one week…. I feel the band when I eat too much….. I’ve lost 16 lbs. in just 4 weeks and reduced my clothing size from a 16 to size 12!!    *As with all personal changes and goals as individuals vary results may vary as well

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“I’ve Lost 30 lbs. & I’m Several Sizes Smaller!”

"This is one of the most significant programs I’ve done in my entire life. It has come at a time of transition. I’ve made much better choices on a conscious and unconscious level…. I’ve gained a confidence about myself and my life… more than I ever thought possible… Diane’s program integrates all aspects that make you succeed…. It changes your life and changes your thoughts and makes weight loss easy…. I’ve lost weight without dieting! My clothing size has reduced. I’m far less stressed and happier! I felt shockingly good and lost weight even with all the stress of moving and having had no electricity for weeks because of the hurricane! Emotional eating and late night snacking and urges are gone! Food cravings for pizza and fries disappeared. I’m exercising more and enjoying it. I naturally choose to eat smaller portions and I find that I also eat more consciously now. I’m actually full when I’m finished with my meal. I lost 18 lbs. during the weeks of the Virtual Gastric Program. I am now several sizes smaller and have lost 30 lbs. I highly recommend this program. I’ve recommended this to at least 5 friends."

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“I Lost 20 lbs. in 4 Weeks & Won’t Need Lap Band Surgery!”

"Before I came here I’ve struggled with my weight for years…. In the past I struggled to lose weight and couldn’t lose even 5 lbs. in a year! This was my last hope before surgery which I didn’t want to turn to…. Diane is a great person and bends over backwards to help you… she does everything possible to help you be successful. This program is amazing! I am very happy with Diane and her hypnosis program. Actually, I’m ecstatic! It works!! It’s easy and fun….. There is no diet and yet I lost 20 lbs. in just a few weeks. It’s unimaginable! I lost 12 lbs. in 2 weeks and then continued to lose weight easily each week. I’m happy making better choices and my eating is under control, even with pasta. My emotional eating is gone. I eat half of what I used to eat in the past. I’m more relaxed now, exercising more and enjoying eating out and still losing weight. I’m not even tempted by the foods others eat. I feel better, happier and more confident. Now I can fit into the clothes I want to wear and feel so comfortable in my body. Diane is a great person and she really cares….. If you are hesitant just call…. It will be best phone call you ever make!" -Judy C., Marlborough, CT 

“I lost 14 lbs. in 4 Weeks!”

"I’m amazed at how well this hypnosis program is working! My doctor is very happy too. I lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks and the weight continued to come off.  I went to lots of parties and dinners out and still lost 3-4 more lbs. My clothes fit fine now. I have no cravings for fast food or sweets. I actually forgot to eat Raisinettes, one of my favorites. My husband and even co-workers have been giving me compliments saying I looked great! I’m more relaxed, more confident, positive, exercising more and making better food choices. I lost 14 lbs. in 4 weeks without dieting. I am thrilled with the changes!" -Gina B., South Windsor, CT 

“Awesome! I Lost 7 lbs. the 1st Week! From Size 18 to 14!”

"This program is just awesome! The first week I lost 7 lbs. and 1 1/2” off my waist. Originally, my husband was receptive but doubtful about this weight loss program. Now he can’t believe the changes I’ve made. At our anniversary dinner I could only eat a small portion of food and I was full. The waitress thought there was something wrong with my meal. I eat a small amount of food and now I’m full. I no longer crave sweets or junk foods. I lost 14 lbs. and reduced my size from 18 to 14! I now make myself a priority. My bathing suit and shorts fit! I am thrilled." -Kim D., Litchfield, CT  

“Amazing! I’m Full with a Few Bites of Food!”

"I have control over food and food no longer has control over me! I’m very surprised at how quickly and easily my eating patterns changed. It was a little strange, actually, weird. There is no diet and no deprivation and yet I’m not craving those starchy or sweet foods I used to eat all the time. I actually feel uncomfortable eating pizza! Now I take a few bites of food and I’m full. I stopped the emotional eating during the day and evening. Now I’m making better choices and eating far less than ever before. I just don’t care about those fattening foods any more. Even my friends have noticed the differences. I love the easy and natural changes!"-Connie M., Stamford, CT  

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“I’m Eating Healthier, More Relaxed and Love the Changes!”

"I love the positive changes I have experienced so far. I’m much more relaxed now. Stress and pain had robbed me of my energy and sleep. Now I’m sleeping better, eating better and feeling healthier. I have no cravings for white flour or white sugar anymore! My appetite is so much less than it was before. I used to eat very quickly and now it takes 30 minutes for me to finish my meal which is a much smaller portion than ever. I’m able to exercise more and have less pain since using hypnosis. I eat naturally now and it’s not like being on a diet. I’m sure the changes will continue and I will be able to reach my goal weight. I recommend this program without a doubt! I’ve already told friends about it."-Peg I., Hamden, CT   

“I’m Eating Less & My Clothes Are Looser!”

"Since I’ve come to work with Diane I feel much better. I’m losing weight and my clothes are looser! I feel better about myself. I’m eating healthier and I exercise more… It’s not like being on a diet. I’m shocked to see that I’m leaving food on my plate! I eat better at social events automatically. I’m naturally making healthier choices and eating smaller portions. I listen to the Cd which is very relaxing and encourages you ….. This Hypnosis program changes your mind about food. The sweets cravings are gone. I’m healthier too. My blood pressure is lower and even my blood sugar is lower. I can see myself in the near future at my ideal size. I recommend this program!"-Ezira K., Stamford, CT 

“I Lost 9 lbs. + the First Week Without Dieting!”

"I feel like in the shortest possible amount of time my life has started again…. I am so excited about my life now … the life I’m going to move into… and my future slimmer body….  I feel well, excited and optimistic! The weight is literally falling off….. I would never believe anyone who said this could happen…. This is the easiest way to lose weight and become best possible version of myself….. I lost at least at least 9 lbs. the first week.  There are no food restrictions… I’m fully participating in life and still losing weight…. I ignored left over pizza in the refrigerator. It’s amazing! I feel stuffed with just a few bites of food. … I leave food on my plate and eat so slowly now… It’s all so automatic now…. I’m losing weight each week…. I’m thrilled! I love life!" -Nicole L., Darien, CT

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Smoking Cessation Testimonials
Quitting Never Worked For Me Before

"I started smoking at age 14 because my friends and older kids smoked, so I thought it was “cool.” I smoked for 45 years—a pack and a half a day.

I tried to quit many times—sometimes for an afternoon, once for 6 months and once for over a year. When I quit for the long periods, I had no desire for a cigarette but my mood was bad. I was impatient and had very low tolerance for other people.

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I Quit Smoking!

"Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis helped me quit smoking! It’s worked wonderfully. I have been smoke free since July 26 2004. I would absolutely recommend it for anyone who is willing to try it. It was the most wonderful thing I ever did. I feel terrific. Even my migraines disappeared! Thank You." -Lynn, CT 

Hypnosis Made It Easy & Simple To Stop Smoking!

"My life has always been stressful.  I have tried to stop smoking on and off for a long, long time. I’ve been smoking for about ten years and I used Mind-Body Transformation’s hypnosis program because I wanted to stop completely. Hypnosis was wonderful. It was easy and simple. I did it on my own. No patches. No pills. I just did it naturally at my own pace. I would recommend hypnosis for anyone and everyone. It’s wonderful." -Zoie, CT 

Quiting Smoking Was Easy With Hypnosis!

"I wanted to use hypnosis to stop smoking and used Mind Body Transformation’s program. I was a casual smoker for many years but, none the less, it was very hard for me to really quit for good. There was always something that would trigger me to smoke like stress or even being in Europe where everyone smokes.  Hypnosis made it easy to be a non-smoker. It was a good experience to become smoke free with hypnosis!"-Linda, CT 

Healing the Past Testimonials
Fear of Flying

"This modality fascinated me because I truly believe that our thoughts shape our lives on a number of different levels. I’ve often wondered if it’s possible that your thought processes could actually manifest a phobia or anxiety about something. In my case, fear of flying. Or could I still carry a blueprint of some traumatic event that happened in a past life, and so have anxiety around the situation. In working with Diane, through TFT we discovered that I had two past lives in the military as a pilot, both of which ended tragically in plane crashes. In one past life, I flew a military transport plane, and there was a great deal of guilt associated with feeling responsible for the deaths of all the men on board, but not much emotional trauma associated with the loss of my own life. In the other past life, I was a co-pilot and was killed in a dog fight. I had tremendous guilt associated with leaving my family behind, and I had a sense I would die but it was an honor and duty to fight for my country. Using applied kinesiology, we found that the root cause of the fear of flying for me was dying. After the first TFT session I felt tired but relaxed. It involved a very relaxing hypnosis session which was recorded with the positive suggestions necessary. The following day I was flying to Phoenix. Typically for me, the stress starts either the night before or first thing in the morning before I’m about to take a flight. I felt no stress either time and I was actually excited to get on the plane. It was incredibly strange to be walking through the airport and really not have any negative thoughts or worry at all about getting on the plane. I even enjoyed the rush of take-off and for the first time ever, I actually slept on one of the legs of the trip." -Diane H., New Haven, CT 

Rape and Death

"I have been working with Diane for at least a year now on one past-life that seems to be at the root of every issue I have.  Whenever we work on a particular issue it usually relates back to my first life. In that life I was an ancient Peruvian-like tribal princess and was raped by brother while betrothed to another man. My father was king of the tribe and after becoming pregnant from the rape he banished me and forced me to live in the woods alone.  My brother was not punished and my mother did not speak up to protect me. Those traumas were so horrific that the life ended with me giving birth alone in the woods and then killing my baby and then myself. I think it's easy to understand how those past-life traumas were the root cause of so many future issues." -Shari G., Greenwich, CT 

Fear, Pain and Anxiety

1. "I was experiencing a horrible feeling on one side of my head very frequently and was afraid there was something very wrong with me. I became anxious and fearful that something awful would happen and that I was going to die.  We discovered that I was a Native American Indian in a past life killed by a wound to the head with a hatchet. I feel relief and am very happy that we were able to clear the trauma with Thought Field Therapy!" 

Continued »
Learning Disability & Lack of Confidence

"As long as I can remember I’ve had a feeling of unsettledness and, at times, a detached feeling from myself. When I started Elementary school I was diagnosed with a learning disability, a label I carried with me through High School, College and beyond. Those negative feelings became stronger and held me back preventing me from living my life in a more authentic way. I began the search to understand those feeling and took the route of traditional psychologists every week with three therapists for 7 years, with no change.  A friend gave me a book, Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss about a patient, Catherine, who realized her past lives were connected to fears and phobias experienced in her present life. I immediately knew that I was carrying issues from past lives. I looked for a therapist and finally found Mind Body Transformation Hypnosis in Stamford. 

Continued »
Obesity & Grief

"I have struggled with obesity for the last 15 years (size 10 to 22) and after working with Diane realized that I had developed a self-sabotage pattern of giving myself permission to overeat after my husband left me. We were only married for 1 ½ years. It was over before it had even begun but the pain of loss and grief stayed with me for 15 years.

Continued »

CD and MP3 Testimonials
Diane’s Hypnosis Weight Loss System Works! - I’ve Lost 91 lbs. – I Used Hypnosis and Stopped Dieting!

"I’m thankful to have found Diane’s Weight Loss System and listen to her Hypnosis sessions almost every day. I’m 91 pounds down and within 15 pounds of my goal weight.  The last time I was able to do this was 39 years ago when I was 18 (with a much younger metabolism).  I was a binger but now I am no longer driven to binge eat.  I have dieted unsuccessfully for 35 years. Diet’s ended and the weight always came back because I didn’t learn to modify my eating habits.  Diane’s Hypnosis System helped me to be able to eat anything within a portion size while keeping in mind the total caloric range for each day. Patience, persistence, and motivation are of the upmost importance in the process and I believe Diane words supply a person with these tools for weight loss success.

I am now pushing the big 60 and I knew if I didn’t find a way to lose the weight and keep it off, I’d be looking at multiple health issues and most likely a shorter life span.  Now I am on my exercise bike a minimum of 6 days out of 7 and for at least 45 minutes per session. Hypnosis helped me to be able to eat healthfully and exercise regularly. From day one of listening to the hypnosis cd’s my eating patterns have conformed to a healthier manner and in a way that I can eat forever. I now eat the way normal, healthy, people eat.  After all the years of struggling Diane’s Weight Loss System has finally worked for me.

I cannot give Diane enough credit for the help she gave me and continues to give me daily.  Even after I complete the weight loss phase I will continue to exercise and listen to Diane’s Hypnosis sessions."

-Colleen, P., CA

I lost 16 lbs. and Finally Visualize Myself Thin!

"The 7 Session Hypnosis Weight Loss System has worked wonders for me. I started them back at the end of May and have now been through them all and am repeating as I need a little boost and I just love them. They are worth their weight in gold for all they can do for you. I have seen, not only, a change in my eating habits, but also in many different aspects of my life, attitude, exercise, etc, and in weight loss.

I have been on a sensible eating and exercise plan for several years and have lost weight, but have never been able to get beyond a certain point until now. I no longer eat my way through my lunch bag. I actually bring food back home. I no longer feel like I need to eat everything in sight and my trigger foods don’t need to be hidden away anymore. I finally have other ways to “fill” myself. I can finally visualize myself thin. This is something I have never been able to do before.

Diane’s wonderful weight loss hypnosis series has helped me get through to myself! Since May I have lost a total of 16 pounds and counting. Thank you, Diane, for your wonderful series and for the little extra boost that I needed." 

-Susan F.

Grace and Artistry - Personalized Hypnosis CD - Sleeping, Exercise, Health & Learning Improvements ASAP!!

"It’s been several days since I received my program from you and interesting changes have already started to happen for me. I’m sleeping right through the night and my workouts have become effortlessly intensified. This is a big change for me and I’m very pleased.

I would like to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your programs and why. I am listening to a home study course in preparation for a week long training. One of the cds is intended to facilitate the retention of all the material. I have listened to this dreary program about a dozen times. To compare that induction cd with what you have given me is like comparing a tract house in the suburbs to a castle overlooking a lush, green valley with little pathways, brooks and ponds and wild horses grazing in meadows. The world I go to when I listen to your program is rich, detailed, expansive, inviting and safe but also exciting, surprising, nurturing and serene.

 I have played with sound all my life and I’ve been a wholesale music distributor for 30 years. I have to review CD’s all the time. So I’ve trained my eyes and ears to pick up tiny glitches. Well, for the life of me I never hear you miss a beat or flub a word or even take a breath!

Well, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear someone with such grace and artistry. The cadence of your voice has become like a wave of security and guidance that takes me to a place so relaxing that I actually fall asleep with the headphones on! This is something that has never happened to me before! The multi-tracking technique is perfect for someone like me because it keeps my ears and mind so occupied and overwhelmed with stimulating messages that I don’t have any room for self-talk. I admit at the beginning I was fascinated with the technical aspects of it. (Is she reading from a screen or paper? This can’t possibly be spontaneous!) But by the time I finish listening to a session, I have a blank space where the ceaseless inner chattering usually resides and I feel unburdened and carefree.

The program has become a delicious feast for my ears, my spirit and even my heart. It’s like being in a lucid dream. I’m aware, but I’m never sure of what might be around the corner. When you used my name the second time it was the oddest sensation. It worked well for me because it reminded me that you were still talking directly to me. And because you spoke to me in the particular way that you did, I believed every word you said." 

Stop Smoking Now CD’s!

"Your Stop Smoking Now program had lots of messages about health that I liked very much. My mind expanded into a rich environment and everything you said was accepted without question.  

How wonderful to have a such a sure footed guide, a pro who can gently turn me in the right direction on my new path, instilling in me the assurance that my fears are just wisps of energy that will dissipate into the atmosphere with ease and delight. Someone I trust enough to allow into my subconscious (not an easy thing for me) and encourage me to be the magical person that I am. To remind me of my inner strengths and gifts that lie dormant just waiting to be expressed in a totally new way….In a satisfying way.

 I think you’re brilliant and I am so inspired by your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your suggestions and for encouraging me along this new and wonderful path. I know everything you say is sinking in and I’m very excited about my future!"               

-Claudia R., Dexter, OR

I lost 15 lbs in 14 days!

"I received the Cd on 9/16 and as of today, 9/30, I have lost 15 lbs!!! 

My goal was to lose 90 lbs., at this rate I will hit it before Christmas!! Thanks for the inspiration." -Dee W., AZ 

I lost 9 lbs in 2 Weeks!

"These CD's are really helping me. They are a wonderful tool.  I have been eating much healthier and drinking a lot more water.   Besides that, listening to the CD's is SO relaxing. Your whole body goes into a complete state of relaxation.  I highly recommend these CD's to help you reach your weight loss goals! Thanks so much Diane!" 

-Robyn B. 

My Sugar Addiction Dissolved & Insomnia Disappeared

"I received your amazing CD 28 days ago! I love it! It has worked a like a gem and my sugar addiction has dissolved into the occasional treat on the weekend and that's all!  Your CD has really helped me.  I sleep easily and peacefully now.  Thank you again so very much!" -Sheree S. 

Your Hypnosis CD Made it Easy for Me to Stop Drinking!

"This is the most gentle and effective way to stop drinking. Rather than "cold turkey" you gently find alcohol tasting worse, and when you drink, you drink less and less, and start much later each time. I've tried just about every other way to stop drinking. None, except this method, work for me. This method, for stopping drinking will make obsolete drugs, shrinks, and even AA.  It is 100% effective, and very easy and gentle. 

If you're like me, drinking has been a major part of your life, for a long time. I NEVER was able to be hypnotized by anyone else, but this CD works! I promise you, this will work for you!! I cannot explain WHY this method works, BUT it sure does!!  Please give it a try. You won't be disappointed! I have had no success with other NLP products. BUT this CD for stopping drinking did the trick for me! It WILL work for you! 

WHY wasn't this method invented YEARS ago??? It is so gentle, effective, and easy. AND IT WORKS!!! 

The number of marriages, and lives you will save with only this CD series, is impressive! I expect the birth-rate in the US to double within the next year!!" -Vic C.  

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