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Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT™) is a revolutionary and dramatic body-mind therapy.   TFT™, a rapid, simple and natural treatment, works with the body’s energy system and can quickly and easily produce immediate and dramatic results to those suffering from a wide variety of problems such as fears, phobias, anxiety and stress, usually within minutes. *Individual results may vary.

Dr. Roger Callahan developed TFT™, a simple and easy treatment that has a remarkably high rate of effectiveness.  This powerful method integrates the sciences of acupuncture, the meridian system and applied kinesiology with the associated emotional problem to successfully eliminate negative and often debilitating emotional and physical responses.  Utilizing the power of the body’s own energy system and stimulating specific meridian points in a precise order combined with focusing on the problem, TFT™ techniques can help to rapidly alleviate emotional distress with profound and measurable results. 

Scientists have discovered that we have an electromagnetic circuitry or system of meridians throughout the body.  This energy, or meridian system, known to the Chinese for over 5,000 years, appears to act as a governing force in healing and growth as well as a control system and pathway for negative emotions. There are twelve major meridians that are linked to the major organs of the body, and specific negative emotions are associated with those particular organs and meridians.  Scientific evidence has shown that significant negative emotional or traumatic events experienced in life (especially those associated with fear, anxiety, shock, traumas or loss) can often be the root cause of illness, anxiety, depression and pain.  These traumatic imprints can become “locked” within the meridian system causing imbalances of energy or “dis-ease” in the body.


Research indicates that our thoughts and emotions can significantly affect not only our physical health but also our mental well-being.  Neuroscientists working with psychologists and immunologists have discovered that emotions such as love, hate, happiness and fear directly influence the nervous and immune system.  These emotions cause the body to create chemicals and hormones that can either enhance or drain our energy and performance. When we think negative thoughts, experience stress or anxiety, the brain signals the release of chemicals which can weaken the immune system making the body more vulnerable to disease.  Negative emotions can actually cause more negative thinking which, if not treated, could result in emotional or physical pain and illness.


It is estimated that we have approximately 65,000 thoughts each day and approximately 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that.  Each thought we have, positive or negative, creates an automatic response in the body.  Every time we think about a problem or remember one, we produce a “thought field”, energy that runs through and perhaps outside the body. This energy is automatically activated in the system as the movement of our eyes helps us to access information.  In conversation you have probably noticed that as a person is thinking about what he or she is going to say they often look away from you.  They may be looking up or down or to either side in order to access a thought or memory.   This is because our eyes act very much like the cursor of a computer.  When you use a mouse and point the cursor to the desired location, you can access the file you need. Similarly, as we think about a problem, the eyes automatically move up or down or to either side in order for the mind to access an image or picture.  As this is happening, we associate into the emotion or thought and an automatic response or feeling is sent through the pathways of the meridians.  Our thoughts, positive or negative, will influence how the chemicals or hormones will affect the body, either enhancing or depleting it of energy.  With this in mind, you can understand how persistent anxiety, stress or negative thoughts and feelings may cause us to exhaust precious life-force energy and may therefore become unable to fight off  “dis-ease” or illness.


In some cases negative emotions can even cause our energy system to “short circuit” and actually reverse the normal polarity of the body. This reversal in energy is known as a “psychological block” and is called Psychological Reversal (PR) in TFT™.  It can cause you to be angry or in a bad mood, to have destructive or negative thoughts or behavior, even depression, illness, insomnia, confusion and reversal of concepts as with numbers or directions. It can also cause self-sabotaging behavior such as over-eating and addictions or may produce other negative patterns of behavior preventing us from having what we really want.   This psychological block or (PR) may cause pain or chronic conditions that may be difficult to heal and may even prevent healing from taking place. Fortunately, TFT™ has a technique that takes less than 20 seconds to complete which can eliminate the PR and allow TFT™ to be effective.


This modality fascinated me because I truly believe that our thoughts shape our lives on a number of different levels. I’ve often wondered if it’s possible that your thought processes could actually manifest a phobia or anxiety about something. In my case, fear of flying. Or could I still carry a blueprint of some traumatic event that happened in a past life, and so have anxiety around the situation. In working with Diane, through TFT we discovered that I had two past lives in the military as a pilot, both of which ended tragically in plane crashes. In one past life,

I flew a military transport plane, and there was a great deal of guilt associated with feeling responsible for the deaths of all the men on board, but not much emotional trauma associated with the loss of my own life. In the other past life, I was a co-pilot and was killed in a dog fight. I had tremendous guilt associated with leaving my family behind, and I had a sense I would die but it was an honor and duty to fight for my country. Using applied kinesiology, we found that the root cause of the fear of flying for me was dying. After the first TFT session I felt tired but relaxed. It involved a very relaxing hypnosis session which was recorded with the positive suggestions necessary. The following day I was flying to Phoenix. Typically for me, the stress starts either the night before or first thing in the morning before I’m about to take a flight. I felt no stress either time and I was actually excited to get on the plane. It was incredibly strange to be walking through the airport and really not have any negative thoughts or worry at all about getting on the plane. I even enjoyed the rush of take-off and for the first time ever, I actually slept on one of the legs of the trip.


Emotional and physical traumas may deplete a person’s physical energy as well as cause a multitude of other issues.  Western medicine is only now beginning to understand that health and illness is related to our emotional state of inner harmony and balance.  Simply stated, wellness is directly connected to our “thought fields," our automatic thoughts and responses to life. Releasing negative thoughts and emotions with TFT can unlock the power of the body and mind, helping one feel happier and healthier and once again discover the natural joy of life.


Submitted by Dr. Diane Hindman with Diane Bahr-Groth, C. Hy., TFTdx, Director of Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis. Diane Bahr-Groth specializes in fast and effective methods for weight, stress, fear and pain reduction, smoking cessation, success and more. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and certified in Thought Field Therapy™, Time Line Therapy™, NLP and Complementary Medical Hypnosis.  Call (203) 595-0110 for an appointment or visit www.mindbodytransformation.com.

Published in Natural Nutmeg Magazine 2011



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