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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Trial Results

No Diet Weight Loss

Originally printed in Natural Nugmeg Magazine

By Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFTdx

Consulting Hypnotist, Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFTdx recently introduced the first Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss procedure in Stamford, Connecticut. The Virtual Gastric Band program is a Hypnosis technique that replicates the effects, results and benefits of traditional gastric band or gastric bypass surgery. However, it requires no hospital stay or recuperation period to obtain the desired weight loss results. All change is developed, created and implemented in the subconscious mind of the client while relaxing in a comfortable recliner. *Individual results may vary.

The concept was originally developed in Europe and the hypnosis technique was recently featured on ABC's Good Morning America, CBS TV News as well as in newspapers here and abroad. The news broadcasts in the U.S. and Europe detailed the exciting and dramatic weight loss with positive behavioral results.

95% Successful "No Diet" Weight Loss

Diane is one of just a few U.S. hypnotists trained by UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger in the new procedure. This healthy and natural alternative to weight loss surgery has a 95% success rate. Hypnosis is widely recognized by researchers as a very safe, natural and enjoyable state of deep physical and emotional relaxation. The Virtual Band Hypnosis suggestions cause the subconscious mind to believe the stomach is much smaller, the size of a golf ball, as if the gastric band were installed surgically. This prevents the client from over-eating and results in weight loss with a measurable reduction of body fat and inches. However, there is no diet.

In mid-March and early April Diane began 2 trials using the Virtual Gastric Band program as well as working with 2 new clients, expecting to achieve similar results. One study group had 5 participants and the other 3 participants. The program itself consists of 4 hypnosis sessions, one each week, over the course of one month. Each person was given the simple "Golden Rules of Success" to follow along with specific Hypnotic suggestions to reduce portion sizes, drink plenty of water as well as motivation to exercise more often. All are instructed to listen to a special pre-recorded Hypnosis CD at least once daily for 28 days to support the positive emotional and physical changes desired.

The goals of all participants and clients were to be and feel healthier, eat better and reduce their clothing size. Some participants are diabetic and/or pre-diabetic. All participants happen to be female who ranged in age from mid-thirties to late 50's. Most women had young children at home but all were working women with very busy lives. The commitment to this program for most involved driving from 35 minutes to nearly 1 ½ hours to participate. Their weight loss goals ranged from a minimum of40 lbs. to more than 100 lbs. However, the purpose of this hypnosis program is to help each person eat smaller portions and enjoy the healthy changes they will automatically be able to make, all without deprivation and without dieting. Most weight loss programs involve eliminating the foods people love and ultimate failure because many people are unable to sustain a diet plan that causes them to feel deprived. They then eat more than they did prior to their "diet" failure and regain the weight. The focus of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program is not specifically on how many pounds are lost but rather on clothing size reduction, the ability to eat small amounts of food and recognizing when one has had enough to eat, feel satisfied and stop eating. The expected outcome will be that by eating small amounts of food and stopping when full weight loss and smaller clothing sizes will naturally occur. Scientifically, it is impossible to eat far less food and not lose weight and clothing sizes.

Session 2 Results

One week after the first Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis "surgery" session every participant enjoyed many positive changes and some changes not even related to healthy eating or weight loss. All participants were much more relaxed, ate smaller portions, drank more water and noticed their thoughts, behavior and emotions related to food and eating had changed dramatically. The emotional eating related to each participant or client virtually stopped in most cases or was greatly curtailed. Most reported they recognized a "full feeling" and were able to stop eating, naturally. Some noticed a lifelong habit of eating quickly had changed. They ate more slowly and enjoyed their food far more. One participant realized she no longer had a desire to eat ice cream nightly which had been a habit for many years. Another took half of her food home from a restaurant which very much surprised her. Those who had difficulty falling asleep now looked forward to a good night's sleep. A participant I will call Roberta, a pre-diabetic nurse with thyroid issues, no longer craved Chinese food and actually became nauseous and physically ill after eating a small amount of her favorite food, pasta. She ordinarily would have had several portions but one portion was even too much for her. Her physical response was similar to that of a person who may have undergone surgical gastric bypass and eaten too large a portion. At lunch the next day she ate ½ of a hot dog and was totally satisfied. Her coffee consumption was reduced from 5 cups to 1/2 cup per day. She has lost 6 lbs. and no longer has the overwhelming cravings for sweets or starches. Another participant also notices that "full signal" now eats far less. Her clothes fit her more comfortably and the obsession with food is gone. Another noticed that her favorite fatty, heavy foods didn't taste as good as they used to. She is now satisfied with far less foods, drinks lots of water and sees amazing changes in her responses and thoughts toward food.

Session 3 Results

Participants have now been listening to their CD for 2 weeks and many wonderful and positive changes have occurred for everyone. All reported it was easier to eat small portions, eat more healthfully, eliminate emotional eating, drink more water and feel more relaxed as well as having stopped or minimized the obsession with food. One woman actually quit her 1 pack+ per day smoking habit and did not experience withdrawal or emotional snacking! Another quit her 6 month nicotine gum habit. There had been no suggestions for stopping smoking or ending nicotine dependency during the hypnosis processes. One person lost 8 lbs. in 18 days and another 4 lbs. in 10 days, all without dieting. At that rate she will be losing 12 lbs. each month. Another lost 2 lbs. but her clothes fit her so much better that she feels she may have lost one dress size. Everyone felt more in control and able to stop eating when satisfied. All were very excited about the positive changes and most had tried every diet known to man without success.

Weight loss or having their clothing fit more loosely was experienced by all but one person but she was more relaxed and happier than she has been in a long time. Most participants are very encouraged by the new behavior of eating small meals, able to leave food on their plates and ending the cycle of emotional eating. Another participant excitedly says, "This is huge for me. Some of the changes I have made seem like a miracle".

Session 4- Virtual Gastric Band Participant Results

One trial group has experienced their final hypnosis session of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program. Most participants in that group have experienced their personal hypnosis session as well. At this time other participants have experienced just 3 sessions and several only 2 sessions. That means participants have been using the program and modifying their behavior for just 3-6 weeks. The reported results are wonderful overall. Everyone has noticed improvements in their eating habits and choices. Most eat more slowly, eat smaller portions, are more relaxed and have eliminated their emotional eating. They feel very positive and confident that the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis program has finally allowed them to be in control of their eating behavior. One participant excitedly reported "I lost one full dress size." Her old feelings of anxiety and stress were now gone. She has not smoked cigarettes and has no desire to smoke. "I feel fantastic and everything is coming together. It is easy to make the changes now." She drinks much more water and finds it easy to eat small meals. Her clothes fit better now. She is sleeping better and walking much more. Now she feels better, healthier and happier. Another woman has lost 13 lbs. and 1 1/2 full dress sizes! "I am confident I can reach my goal now." Another participant I will call Mona, who has struggled with diabetes and the inability to lose weight, is thrilled that she has lost a few pounds! The medication she takes actually causes weight gain which has contributed to her weight issues. Her new healthy habits enabled her to eat smaller portions and never feel deprived. The emotional eating habit has ended and the positive suggestions have helped develop willpower and enable her to make good food choices. She is empowered and now has the ability to continue to make healthy choices and decisions to reach her goal.

Everyone is to be commended for making the personal commitment to improve their own health, happiness and well-being in a very natural and relaxing way. The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program has helped each participant and client be in control of their food choices and portion sizes, all without deprivation or dieting. Anyone who wants to eat healthier and lose weight may be a candidate for this new and specialized hypnosis program. At a time when obesity and the resulting health issues cost the American public and insurance companies millions, this may be a simple, relaxing and successful way to save money and lives without "going under the knife".

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Procedure

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis can be used by almost anyone who desires to eat more healthfully to accomplish their weight loss goals in a natural and relaxing way. It is not necessary to be a candidate for gastric band surgery to utilize this hypnotic procedure for change. This program is available for those who want to reach and maintain their ideal weight without surgery and without diet or deprivation. The Virtual Band Hypnosis program is a powerful and natural way to return to your natural and ideal weight without expensive and invasive surgery.



Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFTdx, is the Director of Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis Center. She specializes in fast and effective methods for weight loss, healthy eating, stress, fear and pain reduction, smoking cessation, success, motivation, sports performance as well as fear and phobia elimination for public speaking and other issues. She is a Certified Hypnotist and Certified in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program™, Thought Field Therapy™, Time Line Therapy™, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Complementary Medical Hypnosis. HypnoBirthing™, Touch for Health (Systematic Applied Kinesiology) and Healing From The Body Level Up I, II and III. She is a Reiki Master, and MariEl Practitioner. Diane was among the first professionals to study with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Roger Callahan, and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. Established in Fairfield County since 1989, her office is located at 1177 High Ridge Road in Stamford, CT, where she introduced the first Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss procedure in the region. She is one of just a few American hypnotists trained by United Kingdom Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger in this new procedure. The technique was recently featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS TV News as well as in newspapers here and abroad. Considered a healthy and natural alternative to weight loss surgery, Sheila’s program has a 95% success rate. Diane has presented many lectures, workshops and training programs including teaching Thought Field Therapy Levels I & II, various meditation and stress reduction methods, as well as assisting clients in effective life changing methods and programs. Call  or (203) 595-0110 for an appointment.




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